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Flea & Tick Control McDonough, GA

About McDonough, GA

McDonough is located in Henry County, GA. As of the 2010 census, the population was over 22,000. It is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. All South Pest Control services McDonough, and surrounding areas for termite inspections, rodent inspections, german roach treatments, flea & tick control, mosquito control, wildlife control, pest evaluation reports, insulation services, encapsulations & vapor barriers, one-time pest services, and more. We are here to solve all your pest problems, so schedule with us today!

Flea & Tick Control

Homes with pets are even more prone to flea infestations, especially if your cats or dogs spend time outdoors.  Treating the home and yard to eliminate any current infestations and prevents future problems from fleas and ticks.  This is often-times a recurring service that is added on to a monthly or quarterly plan.  We do offer one-time treatments without a warranty.

It is important to target ticks and fleas at the source, the yard. This is because as you and your pets walk and run through your yard, fleas and ticks attach themselves to hosts, in this case, you and/or your pets. Once they attach themselves to a host, it can be difficult to remove them.

Flea Control Atlanta, GA
Tick Control Atlanta, GA

Facts About Fleas & Ticks

Did you know?

  • There are 82 species of ticks.
  • Ticks are known to cause 10 major diseases.
  • Only the Deer Tick causes Lyme Disease.
  • Ticks are active year round.
  • Ticks cannot be washed off.
  • Ticks prefer the head, ears, and neck of animals.
  • In humans, ticks prefer creases like armpits and behind knees.
  • Fleas can consume up to 15 times their bodyweight in blood each day.
  • Fleas can jump up to 6 inches high.

Why we’re different

At All South Pest Control, we are a faith-based company that will continually strive to be a company of honor through serving our employees with the opportunity for more life. Our company will be known as the “go-to” for top real estate agents, the service provider of choice for our clients, and a champion of philanthropy in the communities in which we serve. We are growing because of our company mission to provide every homeowner a quality pest service given with integrity, dependability, and an overall positive experience at an affordable price. We as a team do this every day.

Attention to Detail

You can trust our experienced residential exterminators to create a residential pest control plan tailored specifically for your home that’s implemented with confidence, creating a pest-free and stress-free environment for your family to enjoy. Providing professionalism and integrity from all team members, we provide a high level of service from our client-focused team members through consistent communication before during, and after all services.


With 15 years experience, All South can take care of all your pest control needs. Our training helps us find and stop pests faster. We are a proud member of CPCO and licensed through the GDA!

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