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The importance of pest identification and management.

Prevention of allergy: People can develop skin allergies, asthma, and other respiratory difficulties as a result of bugs. Skin rashes are known to be caused by bed bugs and mosquitoes, for example. Some people are allergic to pest allergens, which can induce life-threatening allergic reactions. For example, cockroaches have been associated with allergic reactions in up to 7% of the population. Furthermore, they are one of the leading causes of asthma in children.

  • Rodents don’t just eat and contaminate 20% of the world’s food supply every year. They can carry pathogens that can cause diseases like tuberculosis, salmonella and leptospirosis. Their urine, feces and saliva are known to contribute to the spread of disease among humans. Rats and mice can also bring fleas, mites and ticks with each infestation, increasing the number of pests in your home.
  • Cockroaches can carry bacteria, which when left in food could cause salmonella, streptococcus and staphylococcus.  Regardless of your age, pest control is important for those who might have certain conditions like asthma. A 2015 literature review included several studiesthat discussed the presence of cockroaches and asthma symptoms.
  • Ants: While they may appear harmless at first sight, just like other pests, ants can cause certain health issues. They can transmit food-borne disease organismslike E. coli and salmonella. While living inside your home, ants can also pick up harmful bacteria from your garbage and carry it over to your food and utensils.

Preventing damage to structures and residences: Termites feed on wood and woody materials such as plywood and paper. Once they’ve burrowed through the wood components of the house, they can consume beams, flooring, and walls from the inside. The weak structure can be a drawback and put lives in danger. Termite infestations are most destructive in older homes and structures that have not been treated. Managing a home to protect it from termites in areas where termites are a known pest requires constant attention and support from pest control services. The same applies to other wood destroying organisms.

  • Termites: Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damages and repair costs annually. In fact, termites damage more homes than fires, floods and tornadoes. More than 4 million homes in the United States are at risk of infestation this year.

Expectations & What to Look for

Expectations at the inspection

Our inspectors and will have the knowledge and experience to do a proper pest inspection. The inspection will include a strategic evaluation of the home, inside and out, to identify areas of concern. They will look for evidence of any pest infestation, wood decaying fungi, powder post beetles, nuisance wildlife, and insulation issues. This inspection focuses on evidence of past pest activity and risks for future infestations.

The inspection can take anywhere from 1.5 hours or more depending on the size of the home. Detailed notes and photographs finalize the report for clear and concise understanding of what the next steps will be to create a healthy home that is pest free should any issues be identified.

Looking at the Report

Pest reports should identify concerns and list recommendations to fix problems. Reports may identify areas that need further investigation, such as spots they could not access. Technicians include pictures in the report. Photographs help to give evidence to the issue. You’ll have a better understanding of the treatment plan. The report should identify concerns such as building faults, moisture problems, or environmental issues that make you vulnerable to pests. The information will also include recommended treatment and cost.

The report should be available to you promptly, usually within 24 hours. Technicians will be accessible to address any questions or concerns. You must understand the report; ask questions if you do not. It should give you a better understanding of the home, property, pest infestation and any damages.

Why we’re different

At All South Pest Control, we are a faith-based company that will continually strive to be a company of honor through serving our employees with the opportunity for more life. Our company will be known as the “go-to” for top real estate agents, the service provider of choice for our clients, and a champion of philanthropy in the communities in which we serve. We are growing because of our company mission to provide every homeowner a quality pest service given with integrity, dependability, and an overall positive experience at an affordable price. We as a team do this every day.

Attention to Detail

You can trust our experienced residential exterminators to create a residential pest control plan tailored specifically for your home that’s implemented with confidence, creating a pest-free and stress-free environment for your family to enjoy. Providing professionalism and integrity from all team members, we provide a high level of service from our client-focused team members through consistent communication before during, and after all services.


With 15 years experience, All South can take care of all your pest control needs. Our training helps us find and stop pests faster. We are a proud member of CPCO and licensed through the GDA!

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