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Are Norway Rats Dangerous?

By September 5, 2023No Comments
Norway rats are dangerous .

Rats are dirty and a pest that no homeowner wants to see near or in their home. Norway rats are a common type of rat that can be found in many areas. They can cause damage and carry diseases, so it is important to understand how to identify them, prevent infestations, and eliminate them if necessary. Are Norway rats dangerous? Yes, they carry diseases and cause damage so it is important to take care of the issue with them right away.

Norway rat outside. They are dangerous and carry diseases.

What Do Norway Rats Look Like?

Norway rats are larger than most other rat species and can grow up to 10 inches long (not including the tail). They have a stocky build with brown or gray fur. Their tails are shorter than their bodies and have scales on them.

Where Do Norway Rats Nest?

Norway rats prefer to live in burrows that they dig underground. They can also nest in basements, crawl spaces, and other dark and secluded areas. Additionally, they create nests out of soft materials like shredded paper or fabric.

Are Norway Rats Dangerous?

Yes, Norway rats can be dangerous. They can carry and transmit diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever. They can also cause damage to structures by gnawing on pipes, wires, and insulation.

Damaged wires from rats.

Damage Norway Rats Can Cause

Norway rats are known for their ability to chew through various materials. They can damage crops, stored food, and property. Their gnawing can lead to water leaks, electrical fires, and structural instability.

Preventing and Getting Rid of Norway Rats

To prevent Norway rats, it is important to keep your environment clean and free of potential food sources. Make sure all garbage is properly sealed and remove clutter that could provide nesting sites. Seal any cracks or openings in walls, floors, or foundations.

There are several methods to eliminate Norway rats. Traps are commonly used to catch and kill rats. Rat poison can also be effective but should be used with caution. It is important to seal off entry points to prevent rats from coming back.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about Norway rats, let’s take a look at a few other areas of recommended maintenance. One of those is rats during the daytime. Often during the day they will hide in the house. If they are outside, they will hide under the trash cans, debris, shed, or shrubs.

Another is getting rid of raccoons in the attic. This can be done by trapping, habitat changes, and the use of repellents are a few ways to get raccoons out of your attic.

Lastly, getting rid of dead mouse smell. Unfortunately, sometimes we might have a mouse that dies in the home or is brought in by our pet. First, dispose of the dead mouse, clean and disinfect, air out your home, and then call a pest service.

When Do I Call a Professional?

If you are unable to eliminate a Norway rat infestation on your own, it is recommended to call a professional pest control service. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to effectively remove rats from your property.


Norway rats can pose a threat to both your health and property. It is important to take proactive measures to prevent infestations and promptly address any signs of rat activity. By understanding their behavior and implementing effective control methods, you can protect yourself and your environment from these pests. Call on All South Pest Control to determine your pest services needs and offer the best preventative maintenance for future pest issues in McDonough, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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