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How Much Insulation In Attic Is Too Much

By May 26, 2022August 17th, 2022No Comments
Blown in attic insulation

Whether you are building a new home or looking to upgrade your insulation, it is important to know the type of insulation in your walls and attic. Gaining an understanding of the insulation used in your home allows you to determine how long the insulation will last. Also, gain an understanding from your contractor of the amount of insulation being used. How much insulation in attic is too much? The amounts will vary based on where you live and how energy efficient you need your attic to be.

Let’s take a look below at what’s involved.

What Is Insulation

Luckily for a homeowner, there are many types of insulation options. Just like choosing the right roof, you get to choose the right insulation. Always ensure that you are making an informed decision when it comes to major projects. Let’s take a look below at our choices of insulation.

  1. Fiberglass – this type of insulation can last a very long time. If left alone and without any type of damage from water or rodents, you could see a lifetime of 80-100 years. If water or other types of moisture do get into the fiberglass insulation that lifespan will drop to just 15 to 20 years.
  2. Cellulose – this type of insulation is known to block air movement and is eco-friendly. Most homeowners love to be eco-friendly when they can. The lifespan for this type of insulation is typically 15 years.
  3. Spray foam – currently the most popular insulation installed in a new home. Once the insulation is sprayed in, it settles into all of the nook and crannies in the attic space. Spray foam will not move unless it is cut out or rodents get into it.
  4. Mineral wool – typically can last anywhere from 30 to 80 years depending upon exposure to environmental conditions. Mineral wool actually comes in rolls, batts, or blown in insulation.

When building a new home or replacing old insulation pay attention to the material chosen by the builder or contractor. They will often use cheaper materials based on whatever the budget is.

What Should I Know

Understanding what type of insulation has been installed in your home is the first key to this. Depending on where you live in the country will determine if you install between 4 and 18 inches of insulation in your home attic. Keep in mind that the attic will need to be sealed prior to adding too much insulation.

Also, you want to make sure all cracks and crevices are sealed up and do not allow heat to escape in the cooler months or cold air to escape in the warmer months. Double-check your recessed lighting canisters, chimney flue (if you have one), and any wall plates to ensure they are sealed properly.

Zones for insulation requirements in homes.
Courtesy of Environmental Protection Agency Website
Zones and insulation requirements for attics.
Courtesy of Environmental Protection Agency Website.

Now that you have an understanding of the various insulation ratings, you can select the right one for your home. The R-value listed above relates to the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value the thicker the insulation will be. Use cost effective insulation material that will keep your heating bills and cooling bills to a minimum. Make sure that the builder or contractor has added properly insulated material to the floor joists. This will ensure a tight seal and keep your home saving money on your electric bilIs.

Attic ceiling insulation.
Attic ceiling insulation.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of new insulation varies based on the size of the home. If you are needing to redo insulation in the attic and walls, you will see a variety of prices. The most common price for insulation ranges from $1,700 to $2,300. Always remember that the cost of insulation will vary based on the type you have chosen, and the size of your attic space.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you have a better understanding of what too much insulation in your attic means, go ahead and read up on how long insulation lasts. Because there are so many insulation choices, making the decision based on longevity can save you money on your electric bill. However, keep in mind that the style of your home and attic space will determine which type of insulation fits best, as opposed to lasting the longest.

Next, while you are checking on the insulation in the attic, take a look around to make sure you don’t see any nests. If you find you have birds in the attic, find out what type of bird it is, where they are accessing the home, trap the birds, and then clean up after relocating them.

Lastly, keep an eye out for termites. These little pests can destroy a home so they need to be taken care of quickly. One way is through a termite inspection so the pest control company can find out where they are coming from and take care of them. It is important to keep in mind also that subterranean and drywood termites can go from house to house.

Measuring the insulation depth to make sure it's not too much.
Measuring the insulation depth to make sure it’s not too much.

When Do I Call A Professional

Calling a professional contractor is a great idea here. They can get into your attic space and take measurements of the insulation that is in your home. Anytime you are looking to add insulation or replace insulation in your home use a professional that has the experience. Not only will they add or replace your insulation, they will also ensure that all areas of the attic space are sealed properly so that energy is not lost.


Homeowners use their attic space in a variety of ways. Some will create an office space or extra room, while others will keep their holiday decorations scattered throughout. Regardless of how the attic space is used, insulation is key. Having the right amount of attic insulation guarantees that you maintain a level of moisture control. If you aren’t sure how much insulation you have or if you need it replaced, call on your local home inspection team. Believe it or not, there are home inspection teams that offer an insulation service. All South Pest Control can determine your attic insulation needs in McDonough, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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