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Do Armadillos Bite?

By May 29, 2023No Comments
Armadillo in the wild.

While some may consider armadillos to be cute, it is important to remember that they are still wild animals. As a homeowner, the goal is to get along with the wildlife in your area. Any attempt to disrupt or interfere with an armadillo’s living could result in an attack on you. If you are attacked by an armadillo what would your biggest concern be? Do armadillos bite? No, they use their tongue to catch their meals but can transmit diseases via their claws.

Let’s take a look below at some other facts regarding armadillos.

Armadillo's like to burrow to create their den.

What Should Concern Me Most About Armadillos?

Believe it or not, armadillos are a little concerning to a homeowner. They can do destructive things and are capable of carrying diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They have a lot of teeth, but tiny mouths, so they use their claws and tongue to eat. Let’s take a look below at some more details regarding armadillos.

  • Great diggers – Armadillos love to burrow and dig to create their home. They don’t care where they dig. Additionally, if they are found to burrow under your home this could create a structural issue and cause your foundation to crack or become weakened.
  • Destructors – Armadillos love to destroy your garden and landscaping. As they dig in your yard, they destroy the roots of your vegetables and plants in the garden.
  • Disease carriers – Armadillos are known carriers of leprosy. Armadillos can transmit and spread disease to people. Luckily, it is a treatable disease with antibiotics. Consequently, there are only 150-250 cases of leprosy every year. Additionally, Hansens disease, or leprosy has only been reported in small cases in the United States.

Keep in mind, armadillos if feel threatened by humans or pets will attack humans. They are only dangerous to humans because they can transmit leprosy, transmit rabies, and other harmful diseases from the armadillo’s claws. Consequently, armadillos should never be made a pet in your home. They are wild animals and armadillos can be dangerous.

How Do I Prevent Exposure To Leprosy?

The idea that you can be bitten by an armadillo is not likely. However, their claws can carry diseases and inflict some pain and long-term effects on humans. Let’s take a look below at the best ways to avoid this possibility.

  • Hire a wildlife removal company to relocate any armadillo that has created a den in your yard.
  • Never eat armadillo meat.
  • Never dig up the soil that has the presence of armadillo waste. Seeing a pile of armadillo excrement or poop should be left alone. Chances are high the den is near.
  • If you hit an armadillo be sure to wash the area of your car that came in contact with the armadillo.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know whether armadillos bite or not, you can look into what some other animal habits might be. For example, do skunks come out during the day? If they do, what should you do to avoid them?

Next, another popular animal that you might see roaming during the day is a raccoon. Knowing where raccoons live during the day can save you a lot of grief. The goal here is to stay out of trees in your yard. Raccoons love to be elevated safely away from larger predators.

Lastly, if you ever come into contact with jumping spiders, don’t worry. They often don’t live very long. Your local pest control company can assist. How long do jumping spiders live? Typically up to two years.

Wildlife removal can be important for ensuring your family is safe from any armadillo.

When Do I Call A Professional?

If you have armadillos in your yard making burrows or dens, you will want to hire a wildlife removal company as soon as possible. They can become a huge nuisance to your property. Destroying your flower beds, and vegetation, while also disturbing the soil under your home.


As a homeowner, no one wants to deal with a nuisance pest. Unfortunately, as homes are built the habitats for many wildlife get displaced. Also, this causes animals like armadillos to now use your land for their habitat. Additionally, if this occurs, reach out to your local pest control company for assistance. Consequently, in some cases, they have a wildlife removal team already in place. Reach out to All South Pest Control to determine your pest service needs in McDonough, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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