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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Sitting Outside

By January 8, 2024No Comments
How to keep mosquitoes away while sitting outside

The great outdoors: a place for relaxation, fun, and… mosquitoes. Unfortunately, these buzzing intruders often turn our peaceful moments under the sun or stars into a swatting spree. But fear not! The days of imitating a karate master to swat away mosquitoes while sitting otherwise comfortably outside are about to change.

In this guide, we’ll unlock the secrets to enjoying your outdoor space without the uninvited, pesky guests. From nature-inspired repellents to savvy yard maintenance tips, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding Why Mosquitoes Are Crashing Your Party

Before we dive into repelling strategies, let’s get to know our tiny adversaries a bit better. Understanding why mosquitoes are attracted to us can play a crucial role in keeping them at bay.

Mosquitoes, those tiny winged creatures, have a knack for spoiling outdoor fun. Their primary targets? Humans, of course. But why us? It turns out, it’s not just because we’re available. Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide we exhale, body heat, and even certain odors our skin emits.

Interestingly, these factors make some of us more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Ever noticed how in a group, a few seem to bear the brunt of the bites? Now you know why.

Moreover, these pests are most active during dawn and dusk – their prime feeding times. But that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter them at other times, especially in shaded, humid areas.

Know why mosquitoes visit our outdoor spaces while we're sitting outside to keep them away

Natural Options for Mosquito Repellant

Now that we understand what draws mosquitoes to us, let’s focus on how to naturally discourage their visits. Nature offers a plethora of solutions that can help keep these buzzing pests at a distance, without the need for harsh chemicals.

  • Citronella – The Classic Repellent: Citronella oil, extracted from lemongrass, is a popular natural mosquito repellent. Its strong scent masks the odors that attract mosquitoes, effectively making you less noticeable to them. Consider citronella candles or torches for your outdoor areas – they not only create a mosquito-repellent zone but also add a cozy ambiance to your evenings.
  • Lavender – More Than Just a Pleasant Aroma: Lavender is loved for its soothing fragrance, but did you know it’s also a natural mosquito repellent? Plant some lavender in your garden or use lavender oil in diffusers to keep these pests away. As a bonus, you get to enjoy its calming scent and beautiful blooms.
  • Eucalyptus and Lemon Oil – A Potent Combination: A mixture of eucalyptus and lemon oil can be a potent deterrent for mosquitoes. This combination, often used in natural mosquito repellents, can be applied on the skin or used in outdoor diffusers.
  • Plant Power – Mosquito-Repelling Flora: Consider planting mosquito-repelling plants in your garden. Herbs like basil, rosemary, and marigolds not only repel mosquitoes but also add to the aesthetic and culinary value of your garden.

Using these natural remedies creates a barrier between you and mosquitoes, allowing you to enjoy sitting in your outside space. Remember, while these methods are effective, they work best in combination with other mosquito prevention strategies.

Smart Landscaping for Mosquito Control

While natural repellents are great at keeping mosquitoes away, the way you maintain your garden can also play a significant role in minimizing these pests. Smart landscaping isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment less inviting to mosquitoes.

  • Water Management: Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so eliminating these sources is key. Since mosquitoes are drawn to sitting water, regularly empty items outside that collect rainwater, such as plant saucers, birdbaths, and buckets. If you have a pond, consider adding a fountain or aerator to keep the water moving.
  • Trimming and Pruning: Keep your lawn and shrubs well-trimmed. Overgrown vegetation provides mosquitoes with cool, shaded spots to rest during the hot parts of the day. Regular pruning also improves air circulation, which mosquitoes don’t like.
  • Choose the Right Plants: Some plants can help repel mosquitoes naturally. Incorporating plants like citronella, lavender, marigolds, and catnip into your garden can add beauty while keeping the air around less appealing to mosquitoes.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Mosquitoes are less attracted to certain types of light. Opt for LED or yellow bug lights in your outdoor spaces to reduce your appeal to these nocturnal pests.

Personal Protection Strategies

Alongside environmental strategies, personal protection plays a crucial role in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Simple changes in your attire and behavior can significantly reduce the likelihood of mosquito bites.

  • Suitable Clothing: When spending time outside, especially during peak mosquito hours, cover up as much as possible. Long sleeves, pants, and socks can be your best defense against bites. Opt for light-colored clothing, as mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colors.
  • Timing is Everything: Try to avoid being outdoors during dusk and dawn, which are peak mosquito activity times. If you plan to be outside during these hours, be extra vigilant with your protective measures.
  • Natural Body Repellents: If you prefer a more personal touch, natural body repellents can be effective. Products containing oil of lemon eucalyptus, for instance, are known to provide good protection against mosquitoes. Remember to reapply these products as directed, especially if you’re spending a prolonged period outdoors.
  • Stay in Motion: Mosquitoes are more likely to target stationary individuals. If you’re outside, try to keep moving. Activities like walking or light yard work can reduce your chances of being bitten.
Maintenance to keep mosquitoes away

Other Recommended Maintenance

Effective mosquito control extends beyond direct repellent methods; it encompasses overall outdoor maintenance. Regular gutter cleaning is essential, not just to prevent water damage to your home but also to eliminate potential mosquito breeding grounds.

Similarly, maintaining your lawn, including timely grass cutting and removing yard debris, plays a pivotal role in deterring various pests, including mosquitoes. Don’t forget the importance of keeping your outdoor furniture clean and dry. Pooled water in furniture crevices can unexpectedly become a haven for mosquito eggs. By keeping your yard and furniture well-maintained, you’re taking a holistic approach to create a more inviting, pest-free outdoor space.

When to Call a Professional

While these DIY strategies can be effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay, there are times when professional intervention becomes necessary. If you find yourself constantly battling against swarms of mosquitoes despite your best efforts, it might be time to call in pest control experts.

Professionals bring expertise and advanced methods to tackle mosquito infestations comprehensively. They can identify and treat breeding grounds that are difficult to manage on your own and provide long-term solutions. Additionally, if you’re planning a special outdoor event and want to ensure a mosquito-free environment, seeking professional services can offer peace of mind.

Remember, the goal is to enjoy your outdoor spaces, and sometimes, enlisting professional help is the quickest path to comfort and safety.


As we’ve explored, keeping mosquitoes away while sitting outside isn’t just about battling these tiny intruders. It’s about smartly integrating nature’s offerings with our daily practices. From the soothing scent of lavender in your garden to the strategic trimming of your lawn, each step contributes to a more pleasant, mosquito-free environment.

Remember, your outdoor attire and activities are as important as the citronella candle on your patio table. And when these efforts seem to fall short, don’t hesitate to call in the experts. Their specialized skills can be the final piece in reclaiming your outdoor sanctuary. For assistance with any existing pest issues or guidance on prevention, schedule online with All South Pest Control in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas.

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