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What Are Silverfish Attracted To

By November 29, 2021August 17th, 2022No Comments
Silverfish sample

How gross are silverfish? They have to rank up in the top five of the most unsightly insects known to humans. Having pest control is an important part of home maintenance. Also, understanding what to do to ensure that insects or pests stay away from your home is important. What are silverfish attracted to? Silverfish are attracted to books, wallpaper, pantry items, mulch, and areas that contain moisture.

Let’s take a look at these areas and other areas that silverfish are attracted to.

Silverfish eating a book
Silverfish eating a book

How Do You Get Rid Of Silverfish

Your best bet for getting rid of silverfish is calling on a professional pest control service. The moment that you see silverfish in your home or garage areas, or even the outside shrub areas, you need to reach out to a professional pest control service.

However, if you currently have a pest control service, calling them and letting them know ahead of time that there is an issue in or around your home allows them to prepare for their next visit. Additionally, making sure that you have the proper chemicals to treat the silverfish is important.

What Attracts Silverfish

Moisture, warm spaces, paper goods are all items that create an exciting environment for silverfish. As a matter of fact, making sure that the home is sealed up as tight as possible and reducing the moisture in your home are the two main areas that a homeowner can tackle to prevent silverfish from getting in.

Much like termites, earwigs, and ants, they like to access the home via screen openings and cracks in the stucco or foundation. Let’s take a look at the list of areas where silverfish can be found.

  • Books-silverfish love to eat the glue of books. Throw away or donate books that you don’t read.
  • Wallpaper-the glue that is used to adhere the wallpaper to the wall is a major food source for silverfish.
  • Mulch-silverfish enjoy eating wood, much like termites as they are attracted to the moisture in the wood mulch.
  • Old musty paper products-any product with glue holding a paper product together attracts silverfish.
  • Yard waste-yard waste piled up creates a great damp and moist area for silverfish to flourish.
  • Leaky and obstructed gutters-obstructed gutters stay moist from rain and silverfish find a great living space in that obstruction.
Pest control for silverfish
Pest control for silverfish

How Much Does It Cost

As crazy as this sounds, the cost to get rid of silverfish from your home could range from $200 to $700. As a matter of fact, that includes full extermination of your home. Luckily, there is an option for homeowners to try and rid of these unsightly insects from their homes by purchasing a home defense kit. These kits average cost is $10 to $22.

Other Recommended Maintenance

The most important takeaway from this information is the understanding of why pest control. Knowing the importance of having regular pest control in and around your home allows you to keep insects like silverfish out of your home.

One area that you can check is in your basement. Considering that most basements are damp and moist, these are often key areas of breeding for silverfish. They love the dampness and water. With this in mind, checking to make sure that your basement drain is unclogged and working properly is a very important step to ensure the silverfish don’t have a breeding ground.

Lastly, while you have your pest control service taken care of, request a termite inspection. Just like silverfish, termites love wood and damp spaces.

Silverfish on a wall
Silverfish on a wall

When Do I Call A Professional

Call a professional pest control service to protect the investment of your home. Allowing your pest control service to go too long without taking care of the yard and home could cause you to have an unexpected infestation.

Check with your local pest control service to determine if they take care of silverfish. This is because of many company’s offer different services. Additionally, homeowners can often miss some obvious areas that the pest professionals are already aware of.


Wondering if you have a silverfish problem is easy to notice by simply moving old boxes from your garage or closet space. If you relocated boxes and see silverfish running around, then you know that a problem is brewing. Calling on a pest control service is vital to eradicating this problem.

Maintenance and regularly inspecting your home are necessary to ensure that silverfish do not infest your home. All South Pest Control will be able to determine if you need basic pest service needs in McDonough, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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