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Will Moth Balls Keep Squirrels Away

By May 13, 2022March 29th, 2024No Comments
Squirrel in a tree.

When it comes to pest control many homeowners will go to various lengths to protect their investment. The more successful homeowners are the ones who find natural ways to eliminate or repel all pests. Usually going the environmentally friendly route wins the battle against pests. Will moth balls keep squirrels away? Yes, but they are not environmentally friendly and often kill pests rather than deter them.

Let’s take a look below at some alternatives to moth ball usage in or around our home.

A squirrel in shock.
A squirrel in shock.

What Scents Keep Them Away

There are many items that you should consider using instead of mothballs. Always remember that mothballs are created with various chemicals that can harm our ecosystem. Not only can they kill insects and pests, but the mothball chemicals can also end up soaking into the soil and ruin your vegetable garden. Let’s look at squirrel deterrents that we should use instead of mothballs to discourage the squirrels.

  • Cider vinegar – soak some old clothes or shoes with cider vinegar. Place the items near open areas of your home. Your attic space is one location that squirrels like to enter. This will keep them out.
  • Spices – squirrels do not like tangy and sweet smells. Sprinkle some white pepper, cayenne pepper, or garlic powder around the areas that the squirrels are bothering. In addition, don’t be afraid to spray your vegetable crops with water and then sprinkle in some pepper seasoning. This strong smell keeps the squirrels at bay.
  • Animal urine – the pungent smell of animal urine will keep squirrels away. Especially when the urine scent is from a natural predator of the squirrel.
  • Skunk smells – plant some “Cleomes” in the garden area. This plant has what’s known as a “skunk flower” and gives off a strong odor that is similar to an actual skunk animal.
  • Eliminate food – cover your garbage bins and keep your bird feeders as far away from the vegetable garden and home as possible. Keeping the food source to a minimum will prevent squirrels from wanting to enjoy your garden and attic space.
Mothballs in a bowl.
Mothballs in a bowl.

Are They Environmentally Friendly

Believe it or not, mothballs are not a good remedy for repelling squirrels from your yard. They are harmful to the environment and can kill many insects and rodents, such as squirrels. Currently, it is illegal to use mothballs in your garden. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors the use of mothballs in our environment. Keep in mind that mothballs also pose a health threat to humans.

How Much Does It Cost

Keeping squirrels at bay can be quite expensive. The reason for this is based on your needs. Additionally, If keeping them away for good is your goal, you are looking at paying $1,500. Keep in mind that the national average for getting rid of squirrels ranges from $250 to $500.

Other Recommended Maintenance

One area to keep an eye out for is rats. You do not want these pests in your home. If you notice droppings or hear sounds in the walls or have holes in food packages, then you might have rats in the walls. How do you get rid of rats in the walls? Get rid of their food source and keep up with landscaping, keep areas neat and tidy and pet food inside to name a few. Also, this may be a good time to use moth balls.

Another area to watch for is earwigs. They are nocturnal and like moist areas so in order to avoid an infestation, make sure your basement doesn’t have any leaks or condensation. Also, make sure there is a vapor barrier in the crawl spaces of the home.

Lastly, you also don’t want to have beautiful landscaping and a nice vegetable garden with mulch and find out it is the kind that attracts termites. Ones that attract them are Cypress sapwood, Loblolly pine, and Slash Pine. Be careful when picking out a mulch that you avoid these and choose one that is better for the home.

A squirrel in a gutter.
A squirrel in a gutter.

When Do I Call A Professional

Anytime that you are dealing with wildlife, you will want to reach out to the professionals. Hiring a pest control company that is trained in pest deterring or removal is a smart idea. You will want to make sure that they are using environmentally friendly ways to deter any pests. Read up on your issue and find the solutions so that you are well versed on what to do when your pest control company isn’t available.


Maintaining your plants and trees in your yard is the easiest approach for keeping squirrels away. If the trees are kept clear of your home, they will have little means to get access to your roof. Don’t be afraid to contact your local experts to assist in your squirrel deterring plan. If you are concerned that you might have a squirrel problem in or around your home, call on your local pest control team. All South Pest Control can determine your pest service needs in McDonough, GA, and the surrounding areas.

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